What is a Cigar Corner? It is a different alternative, an exclusive space of last trend where the Habanos selected by the client are exposed in an attractive way, along with all the elements necessary for their enjoyment. With all this, we can perform the spectacular cutting and lighting ritual of the selected Habano.
Advantages that it offers us: Thanks to its spectacularity, the realization of the ritual of cut and ignition gives greater quality and allows to enjoy of a different way of a good Habano. All this from the hand of our Mentor, who can advise and explain the qualities of the Habano and everything that surrounds it. Another added advantage is that, only, those people who want to enjoy the cigar, seal Cigar corner and Habanos should not be distributed among all the guests, only those who wish.
 It is the latest trend in the most elegant events, where Habanos consumption is to be unique, innovative and to the height of the guest's agenda. Thanks to the great offer of Habanos that we have, the Cigar Corner can adapt to all events and pockets, offering a personalized and unique service for each client.